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Carbs are your energy foods and essential for training and keeping your blood sugars up.  Carbs come in two types, Fibrous and Starchy. Fibrous provide your daily fibre and important vitamins and minerals to optimise your health and the starchy carbs are where we get our energy from.  Ideally, when you eat you should have 25% each of your meal as the right proportions.  Examples of carbohydrates are brown rice, whole wheat pasta, grains, and vegetables.


Proteins are what build and repair muscle.  If you want a lean, toned body, is essential.  Protein also produces white blood cells which keep our immune system working properly and fights disease and infection.  Ideally 30% of your daily intake should be protein to help your body repair after training.  Examples of healthy proteins are meat, fish, and dairy products.  


Fats are another essential part of your mealtime.  They provide energy and help promote the health of your nervous system.  Ideally healthy fats should be found in the form of olive oil, nuts,  fish oils and seeds.  

Below is a list of healthy foods from the categories from above.  To create a perfect meal, simply pick one food from each and ensure your plate looks like the example above.  Half carbs, a third proteins and the rest fats.  You should be eating ideally 5 times a day and your portion sizes should be no bigger than two cupped palms at any one time.  This is enough food to fuel you, but not enough to over eat on.  

You should be avoiding foods that are high in salt, fat and refined sugars.  These foods can affect your health and will cause you to gain unwanted body fat.  

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So What Should I Eat?

Fats 20%

Proteins 30%

Fibrous Carbs 25%

Starchy Carbs 25%

Great! Now what foods should I avoid?

If you have read our Eat Yourself Thin article,  You will know that your food intake should be around 50% carbohydrate, 30% proteins and 20% fats for optimal fat loss and health benefits when exercising.  This little corner of our website is all about teaching you what the best types of foods are to eat and how to create simple meals that fit that criteria.  We will also give you an idea of the best foods to avoid.  

Ok, So Now What Do I Do?