Rebecca's Personal Statement

I can offer a comprehensive service which combines my 20 years of nursing experience alongside my 7 years of Personal Training in order to support you in achieving your fitness goals in a sustainable and healthy  way.

I pride myself in my ability to motivate people and encourage people to move themselves forward in a supportive and caring manner.  I enjoy working with people to help them achieve their goals; as an NLP coach I have the tools to be able to work on an individual basis, helping my client to find solutions and ways towards making any changes they want to make.

Some of my specialities with nursing include Diabetes, health and life style advice as well as nutrition.  I also have experience with advice on hypertension, smoking and cholesterol.

As a person, I absolutely love motivating and encouraging people and find nothing more satisfying than helping someone with their journey to becoming fitter and happier within themselves and attaining their ultimate fitness goals.