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Our mission is to provide an experience that is unrivalled in terms of customer service whilst helping our clients achieve their goals both physically and psychologically.

The 6 stages here will offer you a clear idea of the journey our clients go through when they come to see us for 1-2-1 Personal Training.

Friendly, professional and helpful fitness professionals ready to answer your questions and get you started.




No charge, no obligation professional needs analysis to help you set goals and determine how we can move you towards your goals.


You will receive a personalised assessment to help us understand the type of exercises you need to help you achieve your objectives.



Outside your sessions we will offer you email and telephone support, assess your food diary, offer nutritional advice and write you programmes to support your 1-2-1 training with us.



Most importantly, we will keep a track on your progress to make sure you are on the right path and help you progress with both your exercise and diet to make sure you achieve your target.  



We understand that many people that come to see us are new to exercise and are sometimes unsure of how to start moving themselves forward towards their goals.  

We offer bespoke, personalised exercise programmes designed specifically around you and your individual needs.  

The list below are examples of how we may be able to help create your tailor made plan specifically for you.

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Personally designed, bespoke 1-2-1 sessions based entirely around both your expectations and your specific goals.  We will help you with the most effective  exercise techniques plus offer you nutritional advice  and behavioural coaching to assist you with your diet.


Your Sessions

Personal Training at Adappt is a unique experience. We do not charge you for the use of our air conditioned, exclusive studio. Instead you simply pay for the time with your trainer.  

If you are sick, or on holiday, there is no charge.  You simply pay for the time that you use.  You can pay by the hour or take advantage of a discounted block booking.

Price List

Paul Folan
Danny Wallis

Price List

Price List


When a new client starts training with us, the first thing we offer is a consultation to asses the clients needs and aims.  This is to establish our clients expectations but also to ensure that you are medically safe to exercise before training with us.  

We all have little niggles here and there - a sore knee, a weak lower back; our job is to help you address those problems and help establish both a cause and where often possible, a remedy.  

How does it work?

During your first session with us we will begin taking you through a specific set of exercises that are specifically designed toward helping you achieve your goal.  While we are doing so we  will assess the way you move to assess any mechanical problems with the way your body moves naturally.  

What are mechanical problems?

Mechanical problems are most commonly known as postural distortions.  It’s  when our posture becomes weak and we stand and move in a way which can cause repeated stresses on the body.  Most commonly people will have a niggling back ache, sore knees, Achilles heel issues or sore painful shoulders.  Our team is trained to assess, diagnose and correct these postural problems as part of your 1-2-1 sessions with us.

How do you correct these problems?

Postural problems normally occur when the muscles in the body become short, weak and tight.  Using a combination of non intrusive hands on sports therapy techniques, stretches and strengthening exercises, before you know it your old niggling injury will become a thing of the past.

Can I do these exercises away from the studio?

Absolutely.  Your trainer will explain everything you need to know in detail and will be happy to prescribe you a set of exercises and stretches that you can do at home to compliment your sessions with us.  

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Most of our clients come to visit us for personal training once, perhaps twice a week.  Ideally, to achieve the average persons exercise goals, exercise is recommended a minimum of three times per week.

Our sister company Blackheath Group Exercise offers a range of fun exercise classes every week to help you get started or to compliment your personal training sessions with us.  

Classes have the option to pay as you go where prices start from just £5 per class or you may take advantage of our All Access membership which gives you access to all of our classes for one price.  

For our time table, price list, class descriptions and testimonials please visit our website.

Visit B.G.E >

Adappt co-owner Danny Wallis is an established personal trainer with 20 years experience of training people in the fitness industry.  

Danny’s Blog offers free, weekly advice on a wealth of subjects including healthy eating, exercising for weight loss, learning how to control of your eating behaviours and much much more.   

Visit dannywallispt.com >
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Group Exercise Classes

Price List

Injury Rehabilitation

1-2-1 Personal Training

The Client Journey

How We Work.  

How We Can Help.

Our Team Has Collectively Over 50 Years Experience of Training People.  

Block Bookings (Prices per person)

(£43 Per Session)

(£41 Per Session)

(£38 Per Session)

(£35 Per Session)

Weight Loss

We offer weight loss classes, nutritional support and guidance on the right exercises to help you lose weight.

Injury Rehabilitation

Our team includes sports therapists and corrective exercise coaches who can help you remedy muscular aches and pains.

Corrective Exercise

Address your posture and reduce stress on your joints by realigning your body through specific exercises.  

Boxercise / Kickboxercise

Boost your fitness and burn fat with boxing and martial arts drills and techniques.

Ante & Post Natal

Exercise safely during and after your pregnancy with our expert team of experienced coaches.

Nutrition Advice

Lose weight, get healthier and increase your energy with easy to understand advice from our in house nutrition coaches.